About Me

Growing up, I knew that I am a Virgo, but despite the fact that I didn’t have any idea what that actually meant, I still wore my Virgo t-shirt to elementary school on the daily. My older cousins thought astrology was cool, therefore, it must have been cool, right?

Growing up a little more, I became fascinated by how eerily accurate the one sentence horoscope snippets were (rolling my eyes a bit now), so I created a habit of picking up the newspaper just to check my horoscope - and maybe to get some current events too, as I was set on single handedly taking on all the global crises at the age of 16. Somewhere around that same time, two of my friends and I formed an “astrology club” in which we met in front of my parent’s fireplace and discussed getting ankle tattoos of our Sun sign elements. If only I knew then I am so much more Fire than Earth. But, alas, that’s why it’s frowned upon to get tattoos at age 16. (Don’t worry - I waited until 21.)

From skeptic
to life changed

Almost a grown up, but not quite there, in December of 2019, I decided to book an official astrology reading after hearing an astrologer’s name pop up repeatedly in podcasts and on social media. I went into the call tight lipped - determined not to give away what I do for a living, that I’m an only child, or that I have a small dog I love a little bit obsessively, but fully convinced that the astrologer very likely Googled me prior to the call, so, naturally, she probably knew those things, but I’d stay quiet nonetheless.

Let’s just say that when two minutes into the call the astrologer asked me about January of 2007, I thought, “Shit. There’s no way she found this on Google. Or she’s some kind of next level Google expert.” When she asked me about the spring of 2012, I put up my white flag, jumped ship of my own tight lipped skepticism ship I created, and freely hopped on the astrology train. This is going to sound dramatic (if you saw my chart you’d know to expect nothing less), but my life was forever changed within that hour.

The story didn’t end there though. This skeptic turned believer wasn’t going home empty handed. There was no way I could convince every person I knew of this life changing magic if I didn’t have the answers of how it worked myself. Without looking back, I enrolled in not just one astrology course, but four. Because when your life is changed within an hour, you don’t play small anymore.

So, here I am today. Still growing up, but at least I know I’m growing on the right path. (Shoutout to astrology.)

And yes, I really also am a Kindergarten teacher, yoga teacher (230 RYT), elopement photographer and officiant, founder of Boudoir Without The Bullshit, aspiring author, and, most importantly, mom to Mabel Francis, a tiny dog with the world’s biggest personality. (Shoutout to all the fire in my chart for allowing me to wear all these hats!)


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it all started with my camera.

about us

When I talk about astrology, I sum it up as this:

Astrology has given me permission to be - and permission to allow others to be.

It has made me the best possible version of myself (Yup - control freak and all!) and it’s transformed every relationship in my life.

Now I’m on a mission to give this incredible permission to you. 

Let's work together