Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces || Women of Water – It’s okay to not want to return to “normal life”.

Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces || Women of Water

Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces || Women of Water – while the rest of the world rushes back to “normal life”, rejoicing over the lifted stay home orders, it’s okay to not feel the same. It’s okay to have found grounding and comfort in the season of slowing down. May you be an ever present reminder to those around you of the magic that was found (amidst so much tragedy, yes) during the days, weeks, and months of time spent at home. Let us not forget the lessons this season brought us. The world needs you, women of water, to remain the source of gentleness and comfort, lest these months of being home bound are forgotten.
*A reminder that water can show up all over a chart, so just because your sun sign isn’t in water, doesn’t mean you don’t feel this ✨

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