Giving you permission to be. 


I like to consider myself a skeptic turned believer, but I’m a bit of a skeptic by design (I just like facts, okay?), so I now call myself a “skeptic believer”. More about that later, though.

Anyways, you know the things that you were told to do/be and told not to do/be when you were a child? (Things like play more sports or do this summer camp to make more friends and don’t be bossy or don’t be so emotional!)

I’m here to tell you that you have permission to be who you’re meant to be.

I’m Adrianne!

Your birth chart is like a map that was routed specifically for you - it shows where you’re supposed to go, what roadblocks you may stumble upon along the way, and what roads will be traffic free. The best part is that the destination is heading back to who you are meant to be - not who anyone else or society told you to be.

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- Danielle C.

Amazing! I have always identified with my sun sign/horoscope, but the natal chart unveils so much more! If you have ever wondered why you are the way you are, then astrology will blow your mind! Why do I cry in my car and not in front of other people? Why is it so difficult to be in large groups, but being around a few friends puts me at ease? Why do I have a million great ideas, but I can't follow through with any of them? Adrianne was able to tell me all the things I know about myself. To have someone tell you this is so incredibly validating. It was the ultimate permission to be my true self, because that's who I was born to be. Adrianne has a genuine passion for astrology, and it comes through in her readings. Once a skeptic and now a believer, I must tell everyone I know!

-Michelle A.

I've never written a Google review before, but I knew I had to because of my wonderful experience. I did not know Adrianne before this reading, so I am genuinely doing this because I can't recommend her and an astrology reading enough to people. A friend told me about Yup! Astrology and Adrianne. I decided to give it a try because I've always been curious about my chart. I'm SO glad I went. Adrianne explained things in my chart that I always felt about myself, but I didn't understand how to make sense of my feelings or actions. I also recognize tendencies about myself more because of what Adrianne told me, and I can make adjustments in my life accordingly. For example, I love people, but I can often feel drained after meetings with new people (whereas some people feel recharged after being around others), which is in my chart. Now that I know this, I make sure to leave some time for breaks after meetings to feel recharged. It's really helped! Also, Adrianne is the kindest person and truly is a breath of fresh air. This is one experience everyone will feel recharged after!

-Makeba D.

Just had my chart read by Yup! Astrology and it was truly one of the most insightful things I’ve done! I had always wanted to get my charts read and I finally took the time to do it. Adrianne is extremely personable and kind! It feels like you’re talking to a friend on the other line and not someone stuffy or judgemental in any way! This reading really helped me focus on my new career path and brought to light my many skills and strengths! I cannot wait to do another reading! If you are hesitant or not even into astrology, do a reading! I promise you will walk away completely in awe. I’m the most skeptical of people and I was blown away. Thank you for an amazing and in-depth reading, Adrianne!

-Caitie v. S.

Having my astrology chart read was such a fun and fascinating experience! I am an astrology newbie and Adrianne was incredibly thorough. Adrianne created such an open, judgement free, and comfortable environment to be a part of. She gave endless space to ask questions and explained all the background and fascinating details of what goes into an astrology reading. The reading was much more than a simple "here's what I found" but became a conversation and deep dive into my life. I loved looking at my life from a new point of view and can't wait to see how it connects to my future as well!

-Emilie K.

I had so much fun having Adrianne do my very first astrology reading! She was so easy to connect with, and also spot on in terms of the accuracy of the reading. I know very little about astrology in general, but Adrianne made it so easy for me to understand the basic principles. It was crazy to have someone I have never met be able to describe my personality so precisely. After the call I raved about my experience to all of my close friends. I would highly recommend YUP! Astrology.

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